Batak Tribe in Palawan

I came home to find myself, but I found a purpose.

This may be one of safe havens for me. Quiet life, away from the city, simple life, and happy people.This is the Batak tribe, one of the precious tribes of Palawan, residing Sitio Tagnaya, Purok Nagsikap, Bgy. Concepcion, Palawan, Philippines. They are already an endangered tribe with a population of 152, according to their head count last year.

We arrived at the village with a warm welcome from their chieftain and other Bataks. I observed every house, and it’s just simple, but the people who live there are so happy and thankful for everything they have despite their hardships in life.

The Batak children, who only have one room for grades 1-6, strive hard to study and learn despite the insufficient school supplies. They are full of hope and happiness that I thought I could never have. But they gave me hope… and purpose.

Now I want to share to the world how precious these people are and how rich their hearts and culture are.


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