The home I don’t recognize anymore

Palawan is said to be the Last Frontier of the Philippines and the best island in the world.
I am indeed proud to be a Palaweño and I never stopped being a Palaweño despite me, studying college in the big city, Manila. I may go to other places, but home is always there.
To my surprise, home isn’t the same anymore. This time, I want to let out all the anger and pain that I am feeling as I set my feet in Palawan.
Yes, there are a lot of beautiful islands and places here and Coron, Tubattaha Reef, and Kalayaan Island are some islands that will always be a paradise. In all those three, I’ve only been to Coron and it was perfect. I never want to leave the place. The people were so hospitable and kind. It’s a small town but it is a paradise that you never want to leave.
On the other hand, I was disappointed as we arrived in el nido. The shore at beach are full of trash from I don’t know who. One of the hotels’ canal is directed to the shore and it was digusting to see and smell. I was sorry for my friends from Manila because they never got to see the beauty of the shore and the little town of el nido.
The only beauty that never changed was their islands in the island hopping tour.

And of course, oh my Puerto Princesa City.
Puerto Princesa that made me who I am in college, Puerto Princesa where I was born and grew up as a teenager.
It was beautiful then, still beautiful now but there a some places that are full of trash. As you know, we have been called the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines but now, I don’t think we are the cleanest anymore.
I want to say so many things that I’m disappointed with but I can’t find the right words to describe them.
For now, that’s all I can say.
I still love my Puerto Princesa City though, but I don’t recognize it anymore. So many things have changed not only to the city but its people too. I feel like a stranger in a place I do not know anymore.


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