It’s a cold rainy morning and I’m sitting on the sofa in our balcony beside my dog named Moana while reading Alexandra Horowitz’s “Inside of a Dog.”

It’s normal how most people find it irritating when it’s raining, but I love it when it’s raining.

I can think, and meditate hearing the drops of the rain in our roof. And I love how cold it is especially in the morning. I want to go out and run outside and enjoy the rain. It makes me feel free and liberated. I cannot imagine life without rain.

I could still remember my high school days when my friend Shaira and I used to go outside when it’s raining and we come back to our classroom with our uniform and sweater soaking wet.

The first thing I can think of doing when it’s raining is to read a book and to write and write and write until I run out of ideas.
Rain don’t just make me feel free and calm. It makes me feel free and forget the pain I endure on the inside.


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